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Paralegal In Mississauga

Yuliya Molchanova is a Paralegal in Mississauga who can help you with your Landlord and Tenant Board dispute. A meeting with the firm's Paralegal in Mississauga can be conveniently scheduled in person or online through a Zoom meeting where you can have free 30 minutes consultation. The paralegal's office in Mississauga is conveniently located in the Square One area.

Mississauga Paralegal can also help you with a Small Claims Matter for claims for the return of money or property in the amount up to $35,000.00

Contact Mississauga Paralegal for a free no-obligation 30 minutes consultation.

Contact now to schedule a consultation for an assessment of your case.

Need Help?

Y M Paralegal Services will be happy to help!


Small Claims Court Paralegal

Mississauga Paralegal specializes in breach of contract matters, such as homeowner-contractor disputes, unpaid loans, defective workmanship, and more.

Paralegal in Mississauga can be easily reached through email or a phone call as well as in-person or a Zoom meeting.


Landlord and Tenant Board Paralegal

Paralegal in Mississauga is experienced in representing Landlords and Tenants in housing disputes at the Landlord and Tenant Board.

You can schedule a free 30 minutes no-obligation consultation with the Mississauga Paralegal and decide if you have a case.

You can Contact Mississauga Paralegal via the Let's chat option or fill out a contact form for a callback or a meeting scheduled at your convenient time.


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