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Paralegal Services at Y M Paralegal Services

What the Firm Provides

Yuliya Molchanova provides exceptional customer service and strives to be helpful, responsible, and tenacious while working with her clients.  It gives her immense satisfaction to know that she successfully helped a client navigate through the legal system.


Tribunal representation.

Landlord and Tenant Board

Yuliya Molchanova has been focusing on Landlord and Tenant representation at the Landlord and Tenant Board for a few years. She composes the case from the beginning starting by connecting on a zoom consultation with a client, analyzing the case, advising on the process and the best possible options to proceed, and continuing by issuing notices, filing, and the actual representation before the tribunal.

Small Claims Court.

Plaintiff's claims, Defence, Defendant's claims and more...

Yuliya Molchanova is helping people with analyzing their chances to present their case in the best possible way, achieving the best possible outcome, and the ways to get the order successfully enforced.

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Mississauga Paralegal is happy to help you should you need your documents to be commissioned. 

The office is conveniently located at Square One area or an appointment at a different location can be arranged. Mississauga Paralegal does also online commissioning services through a Zoom meeting.


If you need Notary Public services, do not look any further. Please contact the firm's Paralegal and Notary Public to schedule a meeting in Mississauga in Square One area. 


Mississauga Paralegal provides limited scope retainers where Paralegal in Mississauga will do limited work for a client. This includes drafting a Plaintiff's claim or a Defence when the claim is for a small amount of money and it is not worth hiring a Paralegal for the entire case.


If you were served with a Plaintiff's claim or you have a dispute with your tenant or your landlord and not sure about your rights, contact Mississauga Paralegal today. You can hire a Paralegal for a paid consultation where you will be able to get legal advice on your options to proceed and have your questions answered.

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