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A commissioner for taking affidavits may take affidavits and administer other legal oaths, affirmations or declarations within or outside Ontario, or subject to any territorial limit the Attorney General may specify, as permitted by the Commissioners for taking Affidavits Act.

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A commissioner of Oaths is authorized to take Oath or Solemn affirmation when the Declarant makes a declaration and sign on an affidavit or statutory declaration. Please note that the Commissioner of Oath does not certify that the statement being made by the declarant is true, but only certifies that an oath or solemn affirmation has been administered in the presence of the Commissioner of Oath.

A Commissioner of Oath must administer the oath or declaration when:

  • The declarant physically present before the commissioner of oaths
  • The Commissioner of Oaths be satisfied of the identity and signature of the declarant
  • The declarant signing of the document in the presence of Commissioner of Oath
  • The person signing the affidavit must show government issued identification that contains a current photo and a signature, such as a valid driver's license or passport.

A Commissioner of Oaths (also known as commissioner for taking affidavits) is not the same as a notary public. A Commissioner has authority only to administer oaths and take affidavits. A notary public has much broader authority. If your document requires the signature of a notary, or you require certified copies of documents, then you will need to contact a lawyer or a notary.

A written statement or declaration of facts that are sworn or affirmed to be true

An affidavit certifying that a document has been served on a party.

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