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Small Claims Court Paralegal | Landlord Tenant Paralegal | Traffic Ticket Paralegal

Yuliya Molchanova focuses on helping people with Landlord Tenant Board disputes and Small Claims Court matters, as well as the Highway Traffic Act and Provincial Offences charges. She provides exceptional customer service and strives to be helpful, responsible, and tenacious while working with her clients. It gives her immense satisfaction to know that she successfully helped a client navigate through a legal matter.

If you’re looking for a dedicated Paralegal in Oshawa, Ontario to help with your case, it’s essential to choose a reliable paralegal with high standards. After all, the result will directly impact you emotionally and financially!

When working with you, YM Paralegal Services will:
  • Realistically Assess Your Case And The Possible Outcomes
  • Explain The Procedure And Your Position
  • Keep You Informed At All The Steps Of The Process
  • Offer Quality Legal Services

For the best Paralegal Services in Oshawa, Ontario, reach out to Yuliya Molchanova at YM Paralegal Services. Yuliya Molchanova is experienced and very passionate about helping clients win cases in court. Yuliya Molchanova is also a member of the Law Society of Ontario in a good standing.

Yuliya Molchanova speaks English, Russian, Ukrainian and Polish.

Our Paralegal Services include:

  • small claims court paralegal in mississauga

    Small Claims Court

    The Small Claims Court can handle any action for the payment. Let our paralegal advocate for you and resolve your issue.

  • landlord tenant paralegal in mississauga

    Landlord & Tenant Board

    Whether you have a dispute with your landlord or tenant consult our paralegal for a free consultation.

  • traffic tickets paralegal in mississauga

    Traffic Tickets

    We handle the entire process of fighting traffic tickets for our clients, from filing them with the court to conducting a trial or negotiating a resolution.

  • dog bite law paralegal in mississauga

    Dog Bite Law

    An attack by a dog or other animal can be a traumatic event causing serious injuries. If you are injured in an animal attack, we can help you recover compensation.

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