How To Test The Quality Of Your Paralegal Services

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Paralegal in Brampton Ontario

As an expert focused on helping people, Yuliya Molchanova at YM Paralegal Services takes the time to sit with you and hear you out. I evaluate how big your problem is and discuss all the possible means to resolve your issue. I then suggest an alternative resolution, such as settlement or mediation, to reduce your complications and expenses.

However, not all legal experts invest themselves in legal cases in the same manner. If you’re looking for a small claims court paralegal, a landlord-tenant paralegal, or traffic ticket paralegal in Mississauga, Ontario, to help you with your small claims, you want to ensure you hire the right person for the job. To help with this, I have listed a few ways in which you can determine if you are receiving quality paralegal services.

1. Small claims court representation

Test your comfort level with different paralegals
You can meet with more than one paralegal and observe their approach to determine which one you are most comfortable dealing with. Check if the paralegal hears you and if all your issues are being addressed.

Look for reviews
To learn more about the service quality a paralegal provides, you can go through their previous clients’ feedback or their reviews on Google. Also, talk to your family and friends to see if you can find any relevant information that will help you gauge the quality of their services.

Ask about their experience
For more information about your paralegal, ask them about their experience with small claims court representation. You can also ask if you can contact them after hours or on a weekend if you have a problem and need their assistance urgently.

See if your case is being dragged
One of the best ways to determine poor quality paralegal services is when your case is being dragged. If your paralegal does not recommend to settle but instead tries to prolong your case, try to cut them loose and hire another professional.

Schedule a personal meeting
A personal meeting with your paralegal is always helpful to decide if you contacted the right person. A one on one discussion will help you see if they can effectively communicate with you and address your doubts and concerns.

2. Landlord and tenant board representation

Past experience
Ask the paralegal about the kind of matters they have with dealt before, and if they have any experience in similar problems.

See if they are engaged
If a paralegal asks a lot of questions and gives you an idea of possible outcomes of the matter, they are engaged in your case. If they aren’t, they may offer vague answers and request you to come back. During your initial meeting, remember to ask questions and analyze the answers you are given to ensure they are not vague.

Check for updates
When you don’t get any updates from your paralegal and don’t have a clear picture of the best steps to deal with your legal problem, try asking your specialist for an update. If they delay or don’t provide you with the details of your case and its progress, look for another professional.

Lookup google reviews
One of the best ways to check the promptness and reliability of a landlord-tenant paralegal is to check their reviews on Google. You can also ask the paralegal for references to test their service quality.

3. Traffic ticket representation

Learn about the process
Ask your paralegal about the procedure for traffic ticket representation and see if they provide you with a clear answer that is easy to understand.

Check their experience in this area of the law
Find out how many tickets the paralegal addressed before. Review their service fees and ask if paralegal prices impact the quality of your results.

Seek information
When you are informed throughout the process of your case, you know your options, and the consequences of your case, you can be sure that you are in the right hands. However, if the paralegal leaves you in the dark, you need to be on your guard or seek out a new professional.

For a reliable and licensed paralegal in Mississauga, Ontario, reach out to YM Paralegal Services. I am fully licensed and insured to provide legal services in Ontario within the paralegal scope of practice. As a legal specialist, I aim to understand your needs and to get to know your problems. I then educate you about your situation from a legal perspective, followed by solutions to help you overcome your challenges.

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